The challenge we didn’t complete

I thought an update was needed as we clearly didn’t finish our alphabet challenge.

The end of 2013 was a busy time for both of us as we each headed off across the country for Christmas/New Year holidays.

The last few letters were also very difficult so we lost our enthusiasm for the project.

We did talk about a new project for 2014 but the year has started at a flying pace and we haven’t really discussed how that photography challenge might work.

So for now, we’ll park the photography challenge idea but will of course continue to head out taking photos together.  We’ve already done a few photo dives and had a shoot over the weekend with a couple of ballerinas.


X is for….

Now, this is a tough one.  There aren’t many things that start with the letter X.  I was thinking Xmas as many of the Christmas lights are now up but we’ve done that before.  Eleanor found out that there is a town called Xantippe in the Wheatbelt, the only Australian town beginning with X.  But at over 300kms away, it’s a bit far to travel to take a few photos.

So, we’re gonna head out for a street walk and see what X shapes we can find on our travels.  I guess X is for X!  As this is a tough one, lets go with two pics each.

Almost there, only two themes left after this one.


W is for Wildflowers by Tammy

We visited Kings Park knowing that orchid season was well and truly over.  But we’ve each got hundreds, if not thousands, of shots of orchids so we were forced to photograph the flowers we often overlook.  Conditions were challenging with thick white cloud one minute, and full sunshine the next – we were constantly altering our settings.  I think I also took more shots of a rather cooperative dragonfly than I did of flowers.

Now, what can we do for X?